Inch by Inch, it’s a cinch

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We all know nothing in life is simple, least of all a cinch, but this new mantra is serving me well. If I didn’t know any better I might think there is a higher force at hand directing me on its own path as I never quite know which part of this process is going to come next. So I have allowed myself to go with the flow and the result is in the form of an e-book. Go figure! Most importantly I am taking baby steps and celebrating small achievements one by one.

I am happy this way as it’s an affordable option and since I am not aiming to forge a career as a famous writer/illustrator (or give up my day job), it is a cheap and easy platform for my story to unfold. I am just an amateur writer and illustrator in this field, however sought the input and feedback of many a wordsmith, teacher, critic and loved one before reaching this final stage. It’s one of many stories in my heart to be told and I just hope I don’t wait another twelve years before launching into another project!

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