Hopes for ‘Dark clouds over Sunbeam’

Whatever the need and whatever the situation, a child has as much right as any to lead a full and loving life.

Although Maggie is pictured in a wheelchair it is never expressed in writing. So the children who read “Dark clouds over Sunbeam” are able to draw their own conclusion to Noah’s experience.

For some it may be ‘acceptance’ for others it may be ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. A child may also be in a temporary situation where they felt alone because of an experience where they were isolated. For me it was my experience with cancer which left a loved one immobile.

This story is not limited to a particular cause or issue. It has a simple message which can be interpreted in many different ways.

My hope it for it to have a special place in your hearts and on your bookshelves.


“Happiness can exist only in acceptance.” – Denis De Rougamont

Louise Weston

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