Collage children

I am so grateful to have had so many beautiful comments about my book. Thank you to all of those who have taken the interest and time to give your feedback of my story. Please feel free to leave your testimonial below and I will add it to the list 🙂

This book bought a ray of sunshine into our lives and added big smiles to little faces. The hardest part was who gets to read it out loud to the family. We took turns and shared the experience of the joy of reading and learning together. The story’s message is clear and accompanied by the beautiful illustrations makes it easy for children to comprehend that friendship has no boundaries and being different is of little consequence. Well Done ! Cannot wait for the next one. Don’t keep us waiting too long.
We laughed, marvelled at the bright engaging illustrations and felt empathy for Maggie. Most importantly we celebrated diversity and how seemingly small gestures can bring light to people’s lives. Everyone has their ‘dark cloud’ days and every child should read this to appreciate that we all still beautiful people despite these differences. This book is written with insight and a sensitivity to the unique lives of marginalised children. Every school library should have it on their shelf!
Oh Louise, I am so proud of you!!! This book is so fantastic. and yes they will love it, because (a) it was written with so much love and passion (b) it was written and illustrated by you (c) it is so real, our kids see it how it is, and teach us lessons on how people should be treated, and (d) You are just an inspirational person who should be commended on such a book.
Liz and Jamie
Thoroughly enjoying our new bedtime story thanks Lou! It’s just beautiful- I love that Rastus has made an appearance and Jamie says that he loves that you didn’t use any brown, just happy bright colours!
All my kids loved the story, Ava especially (6 times today it had to be read to her).
Beautiful book Lou, I had tears in my eyes and warmth in my heart – you are a beautiful soul xxx

If you would like to add a review please email me and I will add it to my list! Thank you 🙂


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