About My book

Dark Clouds collage

‘Dark Clouds Over Sunbeam’ is a story of acceptance and understanding. The book aims to provide children with a greater awareness of those living with a disability or special needs and the importance of inclusion, friendship and kindness. Noah lives on sunny Sunbeam Avenue with his family and enjoys the many pleasures life brings. He observes that not all the residents of Sunbeam Avenue are feeling the same way. The house across the street appears to always be under a rain cloud, even on the brightest of days. He notices a little girl in the house who looks sad. Eager to cheer her up Noah and his brother Max decide to take her a bunch of flowers from their garden. They leave the flowers on the door mat and a storm brews. A series of events bring the little girl outside to meet Noah and Max and inspires sunshine as well as a new friendship.

Maggie is in a #Wheelchair and likes to race up and down the street with her friends Noah and Max.

Wheelchair race

Louise Weston grew up on Sunbeam Avenue but was intrigued by a house that in her mind was always under a rain cloud. It, along with other houses she observed as a child was left uncared for and she wondered about the stories and lives of those who lived there. She uses inspiration, observation and life experiences to balance her desire to be creative, and her need to capture and ponder reality. She hopes her illustrations and story will provide a light to those who have experienced darkness. Her story is a tale of many journeys, but most of all captures the untapped innocence and curiosity of a child, as it should be.

‘Dark Clouds Over Sunbeam’ is for hope and equality for children, but most of all it is a vehicle for teaching children to accept other children who may have daily challenges. It’s about focusing on the ability NOT the disability and getting involved where they can to help enrich another child’s experience. After speaking with Mothers of Special needs children on the most part they all just want their child to be accepted and not isolated. Their expectations are small and simple but even the smallest action or act of kindness makes a big difference to their self esteem.

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