Sunbeams Over Dark Clouds


AMF Book Launch 28th May 2013

Well it’s been a month since my little book launch and the sun has been shining ever since. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response, love and kindness of family, friends, school parents, teachers, followers and most of all the children reading my story and passing on their wonderful feedback. I was terrified as the day approached, but my nerves soon turned into joy as streams of loved one’s gathered around to show their support.

I was thrilled to see teams of kids and adults alike lining up to have a game of Bowling, get a book signed and enjoy the atmosphere and colour filled sugary temptations! For those who couldn’t be there I was sent beautiful messages of encouragement of which I am thankful for.

Apart from creating a fun environment for those wanting the opportunity to purchase “Dark Clouds Over Sunbeam” I had three reasons for holding my launch.

  1. Thanking the vast array of people responsible for helping me get to this point 13 years later! Without listing them all {as they can be found on my dedication page} they include my wonderfully supportive family extended and close; my beautiful friends near and far; my school community of parents, staff and students; work colleagues past and present and those who have inspired me. From their words of encouragement to editing and offering feedback, I am grateful for their input.
  2. To acknowledge those around us who face daily challenges. Whether it be the bravery of a diabetic injecting themselves daily; the child who endures endless trips to the Children’s Hospital; those who require physical or mechanical aides and modern day inventions to improve their day; those battling an illness which brings fear and requires daily bravery or even closer to my heart, those who’s appearance may not uncover the underlying challenges they face on a daily basis of moulding into a society that favours the norm, the strong, the funny, the resilient, the confident and popular. Furthermore there are the invisible challenges of sensory overloads, rigidity, being misinterpreted or simply not being able to predict or comprehend a situation leading to confusion, anxiety or even exclusion. But just as important are those who dedicate themselves to support and care for them with untapped love and daily devotion.
  3. To put myself out of my comfort zone and inspire kids to create their own success! I have learned through running a business to ‘Dream one size bigger’; ‘Picture the end in mind’; ‘Practice gratitude everyday’ and so on. Having such a crowd at my launch was part of my dream and I am grateful for that. My confidence and enthusiasm has at times stopped me from continuing and when I fell out with an alternative publishing house and lost some money I really wondered what I was doing. But then I found Lulu and ironically {because I’ve purchased large volumes myself} I have gone from no.4 –  no.1 in the top ten!! See – you really can create your own success! I have struggled from time to time putting myself out there because this story reveals many aspects of my personal life and creative abilities. The story of “Dark Clouds Over Sunbeam” is a story of acceptance and understanding. It can be related to anyone’s experience and represents not one but many people. I grew up on Sunbeam Avenue and in my childhood encountered houses that appeared to have a rain cloud hovering above them. I often wondered who lived inside them and what was their story? Perhaps they were dealing with something on the inside that required courage and strength or acceptance and understanding?

I began this journey as part of a Goal Achievers Program when working in Publishing 13 years ago. At the same time I was also blessed to be carrying twins which opened up another chapter into my book of life. Four years later another wonderful character entered our edition as well as the opening of a business the very same week! In a strange twist of fate these years have also touched us with our own family tale. The characters are clever and creative with warm and caring hearts, but too require daily acceptance and understanding. The chapters reveal ups and downs, good days and bad, darkness and light, enemies and heroes. One day soon I hope to pen this adventure as well.

May your days be filled with Sunbeams. Louise

Image  Image

Left: Top of the charts “Dark Clouds Over Sunbeam” hits NO. 1 on LULU.COM {for a week, but who’s counting hey?!}. Right: Friends and book signing.


Click above to Purchase Dark Clouds Over Sunbeam


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